Lakota Style Western Plains Sage Bundle

New harvest of sage! These bundles are unique with a handle to prevent burning your fingers. Measuring approximately 10 inches they burn for around 3 hrs and smell divine as they burn. These are cleansing bundles wrapped with hemp cord so smell is not compromised. Don’t miss this freshly made batch that is still sticky with the sage resin. Quantities are...

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Electromagnetic Frequency Field Probe Unit

Hear in Real-Time The Electromagnetic Frequency Field Probe Unit converts magnetic signals directly into their audible equivalent allowing the user to listen to signals as they occur through the amplifier’s speaker or through headphones. Completely portable and easy to use, simply place the Probe in the Input of the amplifier and turn it on. Volume and tone dials are adjustable. Use the headphone output to hear without interrupting others during an investigation (headphones not included). This Unit also doubles as a secondary EMF detector which is very useful for distinguishing man-made EMF such as wiring and appliances. The slim and lightweight portable amplifier allows the user to easily carry, also includes a clip or can...

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Plug In 3-Laser Grid Kit with Case

This plug in laser system includes a Green, Red, and Blue/Violet laser with adjustable grid that can run for hours without overheating or dimming and eliminates the need for expensive batteries! All three lasers work with batteries independently from the plug in laser system as well. Different color lasers can enhance different types of photography. Of course, results will vary from camera to camera–red may be best for infrared, blue/violet for full spectrum, and green seems to work best with color photography. This Catch a Ghost product includes: 3 – Lasers (green, red, and blue/violet) with adjustable grid (FDA approved 5mw) that can be interchanged with the plug in laser system and used independently from the...

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Laser Kit

Everything you need to use the green laser on your next investigation! Because of strict laws regarding lasers, no Catch a Ghost product that includes a laser can be sold outside the United States. INCLUDED IN THIS KIT: (one) Green Laser with Adjustable Grid – This 2-in-1 green laser pen can be adjusted for various patterns by twisting the end cap and if you remove the end cap you can use as a single laser beam. To use the laser, the on button must be manually pressed, so this Kit includes a custom-built laser holder that attaches to the tripod (included) and holds down the on button for a hands-free laser grid. Any disruption in the...

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Universal Trigger Prop Alarm

Turn most any object into a prop … use one you own or an object at the investigation location! Watch the videos –> The Catch a Ghost Universal Trigger Prop Alarm allows you to use your own props that you may already own. It is easy to clip antenna clips to your prop, making your prop a trigger device that detects paranormal frequency. This prop operates on a 9v battery (not included). Red LED light for IR photography and audio alarm for EVP sessions. When trigger is tripped, both light and sound will activate alerting you to possible paranormal activity. Do not use around cell phones or devices that emit EMF sources, such as,...

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Plug In Laser Grid

This plug in laser eliminates the need for expensive batteries and will give you peace of mind on an investigation that your batteries are dead, your laser has overheated or dimmed. This laser can run for hours without overheating or dimming. This 5mw laser is slightly dimmer than the 30mw, but we have had great results by using a regular video recorder on black and white settings and no IR illumination to videotape the grid. This Catch a Ghost product includes: 1 – 5mw plug in green laser with adjustable grid (FDA approved) 1 – cardboard box with waffle foam to safely store your laser and transformer as a kit 1 – 120v wall...

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Laser Holder

FREE shipping! This quality, custom built LASER HOLDER easily attaches to a tripod and has been designed to hold the pen style green laser for paranormal investigations. The head is a custom design made with a brass 1/4-20 threaded plug and is very sturdy. The rubber insert protects your laser as it slides in. This gadget holds on the on button and stabilizes the laser. This can also be used with our Multi-Functional Tripod Attachment so you can attach a camera and laser holder to the same tripod. Note: The laser and tripod shown in photo are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the price. See our other products that include these...

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Laser Holder with Tripod

Targus Tripod and Laser Holder ON SALE NOW! This tripod and head attachment helps to stabilize the grid and hold the on/off button on so the laser can be used without your assistance. The head has been designed so that the on/off button is not damaged unlike other methods that may damage the spring in the on/off mechanism (such as, rubber bands, binder clips, etc.). The Catch a Ghost Laser Holder with Tripod includes: 1 – Sturdy Targus table top aluminum tripod: Extends to 6″ with adjustable swivel head that rotates 360 degrees. Rubber-tipped legs providing extra stability and support. 1 – Laser Holder Head with threaded 1/4-20 tripod socket IMPORTANT NOTE: This package DOES NOT include the...

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Feed a Ghost Mini Ion Generator

Due to the custom design of this product, it can take up to four weeks to receive this product. Note, however, that most often the item ships faster. If you are in a time crunch, please contact us to find out what our current turn-around time is. Thanks! This type of technology has been used on most of the paranormal shows on television, such as, TAPS, GAC, and GHI. Negative ions appear to play a role in entity manifestation. It has been witnessed that just prior and during a paranormal event, negative ions in the proximity will raise like a thunderstorm is near. By using an Ion Generator, it is believed that an investigator...

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The Etherical Release (paperback)

Written for those who are seeking answers to what the grave matrix is and how it effects those of us who are interested or participate in paranormal investigations. This book provides vital information and answers questions such as: Why do we see ghosts? How does frequency play a part of an investigation and effect the human body? What effects does the grave matrix have on the investigator, the client, family members, etc.? What does our DNA have to do with the grave matrix? How does the zodiac play a part in the grave matrix? Plus so much more! About the Book: Those Looking for Ghosts Will See Them—The Etherical Release will take you through...

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