Feed a Ghost Ion Generator (12v)

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This type of technology has been used on most of the paranormal shows on television, such as, TAPS, GAC, and GHI. Negative ions appear to play a role in entity manifestation. It has been witnessed that just prior and during a paranormal event, negative ions in the proximity will raise like a thunderstorm is near. By using an Ion Generator, it is believed that an investigator will increase the chances of witnessing paranormal activity. The Ion Generator simply supplies ions to the air that allows entities to feed off the ions around it. Ions also remove static from its surroundings and puts dust to the floor, helping with the dreaded dust orbs.

We recommend placing the machine three feet off the floor or the ground at least 30 minutes before investigating—in close proximity, approximately 60′ radius—as to raise the ion levels in the surrounding area. The nice thing about this machine is that it runs on 12 volts and can be taken into abandoned buildings and outside locations without electricity. This machine is virtually silent and has no fan. The ions blow the air into the room. You may smell a fresh rainstorm smell while in operation. We do not recommend using in a closed, or confined, room without ventilation as O3 can cause skin irritation in high concentrations. This machine is not rated for moist areas and can be damaged if water enters the circuitry. So when using outdoors, take caution from sprinklers that may turn on, rainstorms, etc.

The generator produces plasma that can be seen from one end of the ionizer that glows purple and an indicator light that glows red, however, this should not effect your photography as it is not bright enough. This machine can also be used on non-investigation applications, such as, purifying the air in your home, car, basement, or any other place there may be airborne pollutants.

Disclaimer: Although our group uses this unit for all these applications, we cannot legally endorse any claims of uses for this product and use it for research purposes only. Manufacturer, Catch a Ghost Paranormal Equipment, and KRUP members are not responsible for any injuries or damage resulting in the use of this product. Use at your own risk.

The Feed a Ghost Ion Generator includes:

  • 1 – Equipment case custom foam for protection. Case locks with keys (included).
  • 1 – Feed a Ghost Ion generator; measures approximately 13″ x 7.5″ x 4.5″.
  • 1 – 12 volt, rechargable gell cell battery. Operates for approximately 12 hours per charge.
  • 1 – Duracel 12 volt charger PLUS car and alligator clip adapters.
  • 1 – User guide.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This unit produces 7000 volts DC and circuitry should not be tampered with. Contact us for servicing or questions about the function of this unit. Caution! This high of voltage can be fatal. Keep out of reach of children.