Laser Holder with Tripod

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Laser holder plus Targus tripod

Product Information

Targus Tripod and Laser Holder


This tripod and head attachment helps to stabilize the grid and hold the on/off button on so the laser can be used without your assistance. The head has been designed so that the on/off button is not damaged unlike other methods that may damage the spring in the on/off mechanism (such as, rubber bands, binder clips, etc.).

The Catch a Ghost Laser Holder with Tripod includes:

  • 1 – Sturdy Targus table top aluminum tripod: Extends to 6″ with adjustable swivel head that rotates 360 degrees. Rubber-tipped legs providing extra stability and support.
  • 1 – Laser Holder Head with threaded 1/4-20 tripod socket


This package DOES NOT include the open-back kaleidoscopic green laser pointer. Lasers are sold separately. Photos with laser pointer are for demonstration purposes only.

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“Works really well.” ~ T.Y.

“Good quality brand.” ~ S.A.

Best of its kind – “I have seen and used several different versions of this item, from different manufacturers. There is actual *workmanship* put into this … Your laser grid pen will fit snugly, but not too much so. And the best thing about this item is that the hole where you screw in your tripod is threaded brass, and not just a hole drilled through plastic that will eventually become stripped.If you’re in the market for a laser grid holder, this is the one you want. I can’t recommend it enough.” ~ J.H.

“I love it!!” ~ C.K.

“Worked just like it should and I would recommend it to anyone.” ~ T.L.

“Great idea and loved the item!” ~ G.H.

“Used it the other night in hunt worked great.” ~ N.M.

“Fit with laser pen perfectly.” ~ R.D.

“Now my finger don’t get sore thanks to your great product.” ~ T.S.

“Well built!! Very nice quality!” ~ T.B.

“Very big help not having to hold button down with tape.” ~ L.W.