The Etherical Release (paperback)

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theory of the grave matrix

Product Information

Written for those who are seeking answers to what the grave matrix is and how it effects those of us who are interested or participate in paranormal investigations. This book provides vital information and answers questions such as:

  • Why do we see ghosts?
  • How does frequency play a part of an investigation and effect the human body?
  • What effects does the grave matrix have on the investigator, the client, family members, etc.?
  • What does our DNA have to do with the grave matrix?
  • How does the zodiac play a part in the grave matrix?
  • Plus so much more!

About the Book:

Those Looking for Ghosts Will See Them—The Etherical Release will take you through the theories of the grave matrix and explain why we see ghosts. When we understand frequency and how it works with the human body, it is easier to see how the grave works.

Everything That Happens to Us Throughout Our Lives is Recorded Into Our DNA—As we decay in the grave our DNA releases frequency and that frequency is delivered by those who can receive it as a paranormal manifestation. This is why we must understand frequency and how it works with the grave, so as investigators of the paranormal, we don’t stand in the way of this vital step in what they call closure and emotional healing.

The Zodiac Plays a Huge Part in How the Energy From the Grave Manifests—As investigators, The Etherical Release teaches steps on how to be sensitive on paranormal investigations, how to recognize characteristics of the ones that have passed over, how to deal with those that are left behind, and how to help them heal emotionally from their loss.

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