Stuffed Bear Accessory on a Stand for Universal Trigger Prop Alarm

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Stuffed bear on stand is used in conjunction with the Universal Trigger Prop Alarm (sold separately)

Product Information

This mohair stuffed bear stands approximately 8 inches tall. The wire stand is mounted onto the wood base. The bear is detachable allowing you to use other trigger props with the stand and it will become a new prop! To use the bear as a trigger prop, simply connect the alligator clips of the Universal Trigger Prop Alarm (sold separately) to the stand and begin your investigation. The sound and led alarm from the Universal Trigger Prop alerts you to the activity that has disrupted the proximity sensor.

Package includes:
1 – stuffed bear
1 – wire stand on wooden base

Important note: The Universal Trigger Prop Alarm is for demonstration purposes only and is not included in this package.