Universal Trigger Prop Alarm

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most anything can become a prop

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Turn most any object into a prop … use one you own or an object at the investigation location! Watch the videos –>

The Catch a Ghost Universal Trigger Prop Alarm allows you to use your own props that you may already own. It is easy to clip antenna clips to your prop, making your prop a trigger device that detects paranormal frequency.

This prop operates on a 9v battery (not included). Red LED light for IR photography and audio alarm for EVP sessions. When trigger is tripped, both light and sound will activate alerting you to possible paranormal activity. Do not use around cell phones or devices that emit EMF sources, such as, walkie-talkies and routers, as these could give you a false indication.

This prop is half the price of others on the market and Catch a Ghost is the original inventors of this technology. Simple to convert props and simple to operate. No adjusting necessary since we have done this in our laboratory for you. It is set to the highest frequency and is sensitive within 6-12 inches, depending on location and prop being used. Note that most props used will need to have at least a small amount of conductive material (e.g., metal) for it to be effective.

Product is shipped in a box that can be used to store the device when not in use. We have a large selection of tin toys and props, please inquire as to their availability.

Important: Due to the custom design of this product, it may take up to four weeks to ship out—however, most often the item ships faster. If you are in a time crunch, please contact us for current turn-around time.

Disclaimer: Although our group uses this unit for all these applications, we cannot legally endorse any claims of uses for this product and use it for research purposes only. Manufacturer, Catch a Ghost Paranormal Equipment, and KRUP members are not responsible for any injuries or damage resulting in the use of this product. Use at your own risk.

The Catch a Ghost Universal Trigger Prop Alarm includes:

1 – cardboard storage box with waffle foam

1 – Catch a Ghost Universal Trigger Prop Alarm with alligator clips

NOTE: 9v battery (required, not included). Train shown in photo is for demonstration purposes and is not included in this purchase (sold separately).

Watch this product in action!

Watch this product in action!

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum with paranormal filmmakers, Adventure Myths. Watch this product in action!