Plug In 3-Laser Grid Kit with Case

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3 Lasers that can plug into outlet or use with batteries; US only

Product Information

This plug in laser system includes a Green, Red, and Blue/Violet laser with adjustable grid that can run for hours without overheating or dimming and eliminates the need for expensive batteries! All three lasers work with batteries independently from the plug in laser system as well.

Different color lasers can enhance different types of photography. Of course, results will vary from camera to camera–red may be best for infrared, blue/violet for full spectrum, and green seems to work best with color photography.

This Catch a Ghost product includes:

3 – Lasers (green, red, and blue/violet) with adjustable grid (FDA approved 5mw) that can be interchanged with the plug in laser system and used independently from the plug in laser system.

1 – 120v wall transformer plug in with cord

1 – Laser holder

1 – Targus tripod

1 – Equipment case with waffle foam to safely store your lasers and transformer, holder, and tripod as a kit.

FREE Shipping to the contiguous US – Alaska, Hawaii, and Territories contact us for shipping quote. This product cannot ship Internationally. Product components may vary in appearance from that shown in the photographs.

Caution! These lasers are not a toy and should be kept out of reach of children. Lasers have been known to cause eye damage and/or blindness. The lasers are not rated for wet or damp conditions, such as, a leaky old building with standing water. Because of the voltage of these lasers, it could cause an electrical shock that could be fatal if used in wet locations.

Important: Due to the custom design of this product, it may take up to four weeks to ship out—however, most often the item ships faster. If you are in a time crunch, please contact us for current turn-around time.

“This laser is a great tool and a must for any paranormal research team. The Catch a Ghost team did a great job fixing the main issue with all current laser grids on the market today. They added a power supply that plugs directly into the wall. No more changing out batteries every hour or two. This is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone in this field.” –Shane Elliott, Founder of the Wichita Paranormal Research Society and TAPS Family member

“The new plug in laser is a great addition to our investigative equipment. We have tried the other lasers and were extremely unhappy with them. Catch a Ghost has solved all the problems with adding the electrical plug in to the laser. We no longer have to worry about overheating or batteries being drained after only a few minutes. We have used the laser with much success. It works perfectly to put it in the tripod holder and set it up with a handheld video camera to record. We were able to actually set it and not worry about it for the entire investigation. If you are going to purchase a laser this is a must have!” –Brenda Mason, Founder of the Kansas Paranormal Research Society